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Friday, November 23, 2007

On Thanksgiving-2007

The university has a program where willing international students are matched with host families in the locality. Blacksburg being a university town, the Tech forms a huge part in the lives of people in the area.

So, as is my usual wont, I don't have a host family(Why not? Because I didn't sign up for it in time). But my room-mate has. His host came to pick him up, found the other two of us were going to stay at home, and invited us for lunch as well. Of course I went, no enemy of mine can say I turned down an invitation to free food.

Boy am I glad I went. The food was great, the conversation was great, the merriment was great, the people were great. Thanks a lot, for having me over.

In the evening, it was a dinner with an Indian family who have settled here for a long time. I got to meet the host of the head of the family from his student days. She was a sweet old lady, whom everybody addressed as Mom. After a thanksgiving dinner, this one Indian style, everybody sat around, our host told us about the history of Thanksgiving, and also read the proclamation by which President Lincoln had instated Thanksgiving as an official holiday. After that, everyone present took turns to say what one was thankful for. It was a great session, with much merriment thrown in. A wonderful evening.

Seriously, who would have thought I would get to eat tandoori chicken here in Blacksburg?


ArSENik said...

Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with your family, and in foreign lands the definition of 'family' changes considerably. I am glad you weren't alone on Thanksgiving.

PS: I prefer Tandoori Chicken to Turkey any day. Still haven't acquired the taste for the latter, even after five years here. However, I do lap up pumpkin pies at an amazing pace.

Puranjoy said...

man, you are dream of a newbie blogger!

ArSENik said...