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Thursday, December 20, 2007

On Girlfriend-Epiphany

All the girls I like are way out of my league.

On Popularity

For that, what I need is a plug in a very popular blog.
For that, what I need is a phenomenal post.
For that, what I need is a phenomenal idea.
For that, what I need is a phenomenal thought process.
For that, what I need is a phenomenal brain.
For that, what I need is a phenomenal miracle.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Tom Brady

He of the New England Patriots. He has led the Pats on a 13-0 streak this season, and accrued incredible numbers along the way.
Time to invent some Bradyisms for him, as espn suggests.

As an aside, Tim Tebow winning the Heismann was the best thing to happen to college football.

On Incentive for Lovers of Carnatic Music

Go visit Aparna's Blog if you are interested. She has got an amazing series going on about the concerts happening in Chennai at this time of the year.

On His Dark Materials

Because of the recent controversy in US about the movie Golden Compass(Christian groups opposed it and called for a ban because it seems to be anti-Christianity), I wanted to read His Dark Materials, the trilogy and find out what the big deal was all about.

Well, it was about NOTHING.

It's not an anti-Christian book at all; if anything it's anti-dogmatism, anti organized religion. It's against blind faith, unquestioning attitude. It's about how power corrupts. It's against censorship. Oh, how I detest censorship. Anyway, I don't see any reason for this furore. Seems like some other Christian groups have supported the movie.

Anyway, I got the idea that His Dark Materials might just be pro-atheism. Well, it was, almost. Philip Pullman just stopped short of outright rejecting any supernatural power. Still, given the number of religious fiction (read Chronicles of Narnia), the trilogy was still a breath of fresh air. I cannot believe I had not read it till now.

Robert Heinlein's Job-A Comedy of Justice is a lot more stringent attack on religion.

On Fall-'07

This fall is my first semester at working towards a Masters degree. I can unequivocally state that this semester has been an unqualified disaster. Primarily because I took loads of bad decisions at an amazing frequency. Also because I am lazy. Shouldn't forget my extra-ordinary talent at procrastination.
I hope there's a new dawn tomorrow.

On Gun Control

I think I am a libertarian. The popular libertarian position on gun control is--oppose it. However, I seem to be ambivalent about it. That, for me, is as good as supporting it. Problem being, I could not think of any reason why on earth anybody should not be allowed to own a gun, just like anything else.
I took my dilemma to my in-spirit guru of libertarianism, Amit Varma of IndiaUncut. The God pointed out something about consequence--if easy availability of guns leads to increased crime, it is alright to oppose it. I agree, since everybody will be at a loss having to pay for increased vigilance against the crime increase. Good, finally it's a question of cost and benefit, very much in spirit with libertarianism.

So, it's a question of whether or not relaxed gun-control will lead to a spurt in crime. Of course there is no conclusive evidence either way. Still, it's a good reason to believe in gun control.

I should still make it clear that, from a strictly moral position, there really is no position to support gun control.