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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Gun Control

I think I am a libertarian. The popular libertarian position on gun control is--oppose it. However, I seem to be ambivalent about it. That, for me, is as good as supporting it. Problem being, I could not think of any reason why on earth anybody should not be allowed to own a gun, just like anything else.
I took my dilemma to my in-spirit guru of libertarianism, Amit Varma of IndiaUncut. The God pointed out something about consequence--if easy availability of guns leads to increased crime, it is alright to oppose it. I agree, since everybody will be at a loss having to pay for increased vigilance against the crime increase. Good, finally it's a question of cost and benefit, very much in spirit with libertarianism.

So, it's a question of whether or not relaxed gun-control will lead to a spurt in crime. Of course there is no conclusive evidence either way. Still, it's a good reason to believe in gun control.

I should still make it clear that, from a strictly moral position, there really is no position to support gun control.

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ArSENik said...

Yeah, it's one of those bitchy dilemmas in life.