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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On His Dark Materials

Because of the recent controversy in US about the movie Golden Compass(Christian groups opposed it and called for a ban because it seems to be anti-Christianity), I wanted to read His Dark Materials, the trilogy and find out what the big deal was all about.

Well, it was about NOTHING.

It's not an anti-Christian book at all; if anything it's anti-dogmatism, anti organized religion. It's against blind faith, unquestioning attitude. It's about how power corrupts. It's against censorship. Oh, how I detest censorship. Anyway, I don't see any reason for this furore. Seems like some other Christian groups have supported the movie.

Anyway, I got the idea that His Dark Materials might just be pro-atheism. Well, it was, almost. Philip Pullman just stopped short of outright rejecting any supernatural power. Still, given the number of religious fiction (read Chronicles of Narnia), the trilogy was still a breath of fresh air. I cannot believe I had not read it till now.

Robert Heinlein's Job-A Comedy of Justice is a lot more stringent attack on religion.


ArSENik said...

The movie was a huge bore though. I consider myself a film enthusiast and have been known to shit through scores of bad movies, and I fell asleep, thrice; yes, you read that right, thrice. However, it did seem to have this focus on an intrinsic locus of control which I liked. The 'demon' concept was also pretty cool. Mostly on the lines of self questioning and conversing with oneself.

Puranjoy said...

amazing! how could you?

ArSENik said...

Err...that should really say sit, not shit :)