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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On My First Tag

Hee Haw. I am finally a part of the blogosphere, because I have gotten my first tag. Yippee.
Courtesy ArSENik. Muaahahaaaahahahaaa. Buahahaaahahaaaa.

Without further ado, here I go.

Life Ten Years Ago
End of class nine. The much dreaded class 10 round the corner, just have to cross the ninth finals. Had passed up a huge career opportunity two years ago (would have been set for life. cha), and much worried about it. Not doing any great things.
Oh, there was this girl I had known for a couple of years. Baring my heart out to her seemed like a great idea, and was planning about the modus operandi. Did not happen. No idea bout her now.

Life Five Years Ago

Fourth semester of engineering course. Basking in the glory of obliviousness. Getting slightly suspicious if this whole engineering thing is a big mistake or not. Passing endless hours in the hostel playing a modified form of bridge. The other three remain great friends even now.
Oh, finally struck up enough courage to talk to the girls in the college.

Life Tomorrow

Ah, must go to college and work on the semester projects. India has gone to the Oz and won at that. How cool is that?
Oh, given up on girls finally.

Five Locations I Would Run Away To
1. Rome (Audrey Hepburn is roaming the streets drugged at night)
2. Paris (Greta Garbo is trying to sell some Russian antiques)
3. Vienna (Julie Delpy will alight for the night)
4. Barcelona (Kajol is on a Eurotrip)
5. Kolkata (Suchitra Sen has come to work in the city)

Five Bad Habits I have

(That I don't mind putting here :) )
1. Laziness
2. Procrastination
3. Denial
4. Spinelessness
5. Impulsiveness.

Five Things I Will Never Wear

Oh there is nothing I will never wear. My dream dress is:
1. Orange trousers
2. Electric blue sneakers
3. Fluorescent green shirt
4. Yellow belt
5. Maroon bandana

Five Biggest Joys at the Moment
Nothing really.

Something to Achieve by Next Year
A job. How mundane!

Something that Impacted me Last Year

Coming for MS. Frequent suspicion if this is yet another big mistake or not.

What will I miss About 2007
Motorcycle rides.

Five things I want to Do Before I Die
Here goes my bucket list.
1. Get to the finals of World Poker Series
2. Drive a formula 1 car on a formula 1 circuit (Not necessarily competitively)
3. Learn Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese
4. Play drums
5. Do the tango

Alright. Hee-haw. Time to spread the cheer. Only a few people read my blog anyway. But. But. That is not going to stop me from tagging others. Buahahhahaaaa.


Aparna said...

Completed the tag :)

//My dream dress is:
1. Orange trousers
2. Electric blue sneakers
3. Fluorescent green shirt
4. Yellow belt
5. Maroon bandana//

OMG! How can someone think of wearing all these? :P

Puranjoy said...

@ Aparna,
Thanks :). And yeah, I have a fertile and admittedly weird imagination.

ArSENik said...

I think our tastes in women are pretty similar from what I read about your places you would run away to. It's a pity there aren't too many such classic beauties around anymore, and the ones that are around are too ashamed to admit it consciously.

Puranjoy said...

Oh no no. That was absolutely misleading. It was more about the movies than the actors :)