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Thursday, March 13, 2008

On Various Stories that Caught my Eye

Quite a few Blu-ray related stories doing the rounds.

1. Price of Blu-ray players shoots up. An entry level model costs around $150 more than it did before Toshiba officially backed out of the high definition video standard war. With HD-DVD out of the way, Sony's Blu-ray becomes the de-facto standard in the high definition market. With no competitor, it was expected Blu-ray players would cost more. It has happened, and a new equilibrium has been reached. Now that the world has settled on Blu-ray as the standard for high definition, I am waiting for a lot more manufacturers to start making Blu-ray players. Those who were undecided which technology to back don't have to worry about that anymore.

2. Sony's PS3 has been selling a lot more pieces than Xbox360, partly because of the supply problems faced by the Redmond Giant. Guess what is going to happen now that PS3 remains the only console to support Blu-ray?

3. Microsoft has decided not to include Blu-ray player in Xbox-360, instead it is going to focus more on Xbox Live, the online service around Xbox. It thinks users can download movies from the Xbox Live store, and thus wouldn't need a Blu-ray player.

4. GTA-4 is due for release next month. We had Halo-3 in the fall, now GTA this semester, what's lined up for next fall?By the way, EA has just issued a hostile takeover bid for Take-two-the publishers of GTA.

Interesting times are ahead, my friends.

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