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Sunday, June 8, 2008

On 2008 Roland Garros Final

Federer unforced errors interspersed with a few Federer winners and a few Nadal winners--sums up the match.


A commentator remarked at the end of McEnroe's interview with Nadal, "He feels worse for the way he defeated Roger!"

During the presentation, Nadal takes the mic after Federer is done and goes, "Sorry Roger for that final."

During that same speech, next thing he does is urge the crowd to applaud Federer's efforts.

At the end of the match (fittingly, with yet another Federer unforced error), Nadal's reaction? Keep the racquet in the chair, walk back to the net and clap twice with hands over the head. That's it. As muted as it can get when you have just won four times in a row.

Meh, it seems I am becoming a Nadal fan after all. Unless this was a vicious vicious way to rub it in, and I hate myself for even thinking that thought.


Aparna said...

Am sad that Federer lost ;(

Puranjoy said...

Not more than I am. Only thing lightening the pain was Nadal's extreme graciousness in victory.

arnabocean said...

Nah, Nadal's not one to rub it in.

And I've been a Nadal fan for some time now... but not as big a fan as Federer's...

Looking forward to Wimbledon, anyone?

Puranjoy said...

yeah, that's why I hate myself, for being so cynical.

Vishnu™ said...

No matter who wins the roland garros.. i'm still a Roger Federer Fan..

There is an elegance in which Federer plays, which could lure any lazy guy to love the game of tennis.

Looking for a bounce back from him :)

Puranjoy said...

@ Vishnu,
Welcome to my blog! True, give a casual observer a game of The Mighty Fed, and you turn him into a fan.