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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Laker-Celtics Finals Game 3 2008

"When Kobe Bryant attacks the basket, good things happen"--A commentator on ABC.

Very true. So many good things happen.
1) Kobe Bryant scores. He makes spectacular shots, not for nothing is he called the Unguardable.
2) Opposing team have to double team him. That opens up other players, who score freely. Like yesterday in the dying minutes of the game. KG and Ray guarding Kobe, Odom free. Kobe passes to Lamar Odom, who passes to Vujacic for an open three, and Lakers take a six point lead, effectively ending the game right there.
3) Kobe draws a number of fouls, thus creating lots of free throws.
4) Opponents' best defender has to guard Kobe, so a teammate gets guarded by a lesser defender, making it easier for Kobe's pass to become an assist.

That's why the poet said,

Do you know why the Black Mamba is the MVP?
Coz he does stuff you can't see.
One on one with Ray, double with KG,
what he does? A pass for a three. Yeah, a pass for a three.

Rondo thinks, "Why's he guarding me?"
A masterstroke it proves to be.
On the counter, Rondo has to guard Kobe,
For the MVP, that's too easy. Yeah, just too easy.

Nineteen points in the first quarter,
Killed the Celtics right then and there.
By the time Doc got wiser,
and asked Allen to take over, too late. Yeah, too late brother.

Stopping on the dime, rise and shoot.
A turn, a fake and layup to boot.
With Jack and Eddie and the Staples to root,
For the MVP, game three was a hoot. Yeah, the night was a hoot.

[Sing in a rap. If anyone wants to compose the music and sing, feel free. Send me the link please. ]


arnabocean said...

Who's the poet who says that, PJ??

Puranjoy said...

The poet is wary of fame, wishes to remain anonymous :)