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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On my Transformation from a Fatso to an Incredibly Muscular Hulk


Took bath, and wore a tee-shirt. Wow! Shirt snuggling against the torso, my biceps straining against the sleeves--yeah baby! I am the hero, I am great.
Within a few seconds, my eyes turned misty, and my mind turned to that day when....

FLASHBACK: Ten months earlier.

A somber chat with my friend J. I had just found I had become fatter than I already was.

J: Dude, what's wrong with you?
P: Yaar, I have become so fat!
J: How?
P: Arre, the pant I wore on the flight to US? It doesn't fit me anymore :(
J: When was it?
P: A couple of weeks back, since then a steady diet of coke, burger and fries has done the trick.
J: What? That surely explains it--three times a day you eat burger and fries and what do you expect? A Bradd Pitt body?
P: Not exactly, those for lunch only.
J: Hmm, say, have you washed that pant after coming here?
P: Yes, why do you ask?
J: You idiot, US washing machines will do that to your clothes, don't worry you are not fat. The pant has shrunk.

And so has the tee. Sigh!

On the bright side, that pant does fit me right now :)


arnabocean said...

Tee has shrunk. You haven't. Pant has shrunk. You haven't.

How the hell does it then fit you??

Puranjoy said...

aah, there you are. maybe i have, a little bit? remember all those worry about calories? maybe they paid off a little bit?