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Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Conservatism and Liberalism--My Way

Around the world, more often than not, why are fiscal conservatives also socio-cultural conservatives, and socio-cultural liberals also fiscal liberals?

Needless to say, I am a fiscal conservative and a socio-cultural liberal.


Munmun said...

oh really? appears counter-intuitive!

Puranjoy said...

@munmun, of course I meant the political parties, and their vote bases. Look at Republicans here, Tories in England, BJP in India, etc and their counterparts.

munmun10 said...

BJP is fiscal conservative? :O I thought the left parties are ...

crazybunka said...

Since "liberal" can be a confusing term I presume that I can safely rephrase your question as:

why do many politicians support one of either 1 or 2

1.economic liberty(thinner govt, individual economic independence) but socio-cultural oppression(forcing their view on social morality, like gay rights, abortion laws etc)

2.economic constraints(pro-left, anti immigrant, pro labour union etc), but appearing culturally egalitarian and freedom loving.

It is because true libertarians are a minority. People haven't yet realized the value of consistency of individual freedom in all aspects of life.

Political leader know that taking a different combination would end up in electoral defeat.

Incentives drive them man, what else can it be? Strong convictions? Principles ? :)

But that said, this stance can shift position over time depending on how the view of the society changes.

This can be noticed in UK these days with the Labour coming to right and the Tories coming to the left and the liberal democrats becoming less relevant.

May be the favour has has been changing even in the US with a stronger link between the two due to globablization.

These days, consciously or unconsciously, people's wants are easier to balance out with a combination of liberty in economic and social sense. There is hope.

But I am very surprised that you included BJP.Does any party in India have a consistent stance?
It's so crude and crass over there.


Puranjoy said...

Read Shankar's rephrasing of my question. That should help. Anyway, the Left are fiscal liberals and social liberals.

Now that's an explanation. Thanks.
I included BJP because that's the closest social-fiscal conservative we have in India. Do remember they did a lot of good work regarding privatization, and deregulation. Of course, they didn't do as much as they could have. Still, this being India, I am inclined to take whatever little I can get.

crazybunka said...

Is it not Congress which opened up India economically?
Inspite of that we must not forget to give credit to Nehru for the needless poverty and sufferings of the generations before that.

And after that, they have an affair with the commies resulting current inflation inspite of having "highly financially and economically literate" PM and FM and inspite of the potential we have now. Wow.

And, talking about BJP,I am sure that my school ko-ko team would have better co-ordination and clarity than BJP.
They say they are pro hindutva then they try to attract muslim vote bank.
And, I have never heard them say they are economically liberal, though they did try to take credit for any financial well being.
And what did they do when they were in power? I really dont know.

But, i did hear Narendra Modi's speeches recently and I was impressed inspite of how others may jump to a conclusion about him.

I would on any given day prefer economic liberty to social liberty, economic liberty would lead to social liberty faster than the other way round.

What do you think?
p.s Yes, I am kinda jobless.

crazybunka said...

And the tendency in the US to call the "left" as liberals is a shame, what an insult for the word liberty.