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Friday, August 29, 2008

On Sarah Palin

McCain has pulled a wonderful rabbit with his veep nominee. Sarah Palin is quite the accomplished woman (at least the kind voters would love), and might prove to be the trump card if she can attract the Hillary Clinton supporters.


felicity said...

I think she has got bigs shoes to fill. No not certainly upto Hillary's mark. But yes, choosing her for VP was a clever move aiming at Hillary's voters.

Munmun said...

She is utterly useless :|

bornfree said...

If you dedicate one more post to Sarah Palin you will see my angst and anger surely !!
Muaahahhahahah :D

What happened to the wind on your face..wanna see writings more than reviews :)

Puranjoy said...

Long hiatus.

she's upto nobody's mark.

eh no. i can imagine plenty of things she would be useful for, just not vice-presidency.

what! this is the only post. and sarah palin is so great, didn't u know?

i don't have time to write posts. will come back surely. nice to know people in the blogosphere (or at least the ones who have to put up with me a lot of time) want to read my stuff. Or wait, is that a ploy to get me to write more so that i haunt your place less? Muahahahhaaa, i'll do my writing at your place.