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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Sarah Palin's Unpreparedness in Interviews So Far

It might be a deliberate ploy to lower expectations and lull Biden into making some mistake or the other.
Republicans are master election strategists.

(Note: This is not related to relative merits of the candidates.)


arnabocean said...

how unprepared can a person unintentionally be?

Have you seen her interviews? If that 'completely lost' look is fake, she's one good actress!

(I guess that adds to her numerous other qualifications :P :D)

arnabocean said...


Typo... :P

That should, of course, have been: 'How unprepared can a person intentionally be?'


felicity said...

she was actually good. I was surprised.

Puranjoy said...


that's what i was talking about!