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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On The Dichotomy that is California

The Golden State overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama, he of the message of unity and tolerance and dignity.
The Golden State passed Proposition 8 banning gay marriage.
What gives?


Anonymous said...

There seems to be fallacy in your reasoning here. I do not see any dichotomy in what happened with proposition 8 and the votes received by Obama in California. As far as I can recall from his campaign, Obama himself is not a supporter of Gay marriage, and, has gone on record several times to say that Marriage should between a man and a woman.

Where does the 'dichotomy' appear???

Puranjoy said...

Obama on record opposed gay marriage? Really? Will be glad if you forward me some link or something.
Point being, Californians are known/thought to be social liberals, which the election of Obama shows, and Prop 8 doesn't. That's the dichotomy.
I guess you can blame the perception people(I) have of Californians for this.

Anonymous said...

Here are some links showing Obama's views on gay marriage:

These clips should suffice to show that Obama is not a supporter of same sex marriage. My point is that there is no "dichotomy" between the way Californians voted and the banning of proposition 8. I can't really argue about the perception that people (you) have have about Californians. But this perception, to some extent, is formed because most of us tend to equate California with San Francisco and Hollywood.

Puranjoy said...

Good lord! A reader who actually follows up with links--a dream come true.
Since we have agreed to blame the perception, I guess we can agree to disagree on the rest.
BTW, welcome to my blog. Would appreciate if you don't use anonymous, any moniker would work.