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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On Stupidity, Religion, and Suchlike

According to this piece, a church wants a woman to end her relationship with her boyfriend. She doesn't want to, and it turns out her confidential conversations with her church mentor were actually not so. Now the church threatens to publicize her other sins unless she does as ordered.


I hope she takes these people to court for breach of trust or some such. My sympathy, however, for the woman is reduced a little bit by the fact that she chose to discuss her private life with her church mentor in the first place! Not a friend, not a member of the family, but a mentor from the church--what do you expect?

It seems this particular procedure is common in that church, and she was supposed to know the consequences. Well, that raises two questions--a) How well was she informed of this when she joined the church? b) If she really knew about this, what made her join the church?

By the way, someone confesses to all sins regularly, and after death still goes to hell. Can there be a breach of trust proceedings against the church who promised salvation? Would any church actually promise such a thing, or is that a figment of my imagination? That might sound glib, but I am really curious. Someone well versed in Christian theology, please inform me.


Anonymous said...

I recall reading pamphlets and listening to people like Benny Hinn promising a lot of goodies if you do as you are told.

Co-incidentally, this piece came through the feeds right after your blog entry.

While on religion, here is the last word.


Puranjoy said...

Beautiful links Shankar. The pearls before swine one is especially apt in this scenario.

Munmun said...

WTF !!!

Anonymous said...

Very unusual, especially since the lady decided to leave the church!

Not condoning what the church intends to do,I hope you are seriously being glib when you mentioned breach of trust proceedings against church. I do not consider myself well versed in Christian theology, but its just sounds like an extremely silly proposition!! [and which brought me to your blog in the first place].
First of all, no one will ever know whether the "sinner/confessor" actually went to hell or i don't see how one can infer anything about it,let alone proceedings. Second,'confessing' to sins regularly is not a Christian prerequisite for going to heaven..which seems to be your basic premise.

Church, like all religious institutions, promises salvation(eternal life in heaven, to be precise)all the time. Confessing your sins to the padre(which is actually only a Roman Catholic church requirement) is definitely not the only eligibility criteria... it is not even a requirement in most protestant denominations. In fact it is not even practiced in most non-catholic denominations [thats the majority of churches in U.S.]

I also seriously hope that since you write a blog, you must be smart enough not to equate religion and stupidity...and that the label of your post is just another glib oversight?

Puranjoy said...

I don't equate religion with stupidity. I equate threatening with stupidity on the part of the people who decided that "outing" the lady is the course to follow.

"Breach of trust proceedings"--of course not in the literal sense. I seriously asked if churches do promise salvation contingent upon confession or not. According to you, they don't (or only some do). My point is, if a particular church does so, can they be held accountable if it were possible to do so!