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Friday, July 10, 2009

On "Dead Like Me"

Dear Readers,
Have been away for quite some time, and it's high time the blog got a little bit resuscitated. So here I am, briefly.
So there is this t.v. serial that used to air a while back called "Dead Like Me". The premise is that an 18 year old girl is killed by a falling toilet seat from a space station, and turns into a grim reaper. Grim Reapers are undead people, with physical bodies but face different from the one they had when they were living. Their job is to reap people's soul just before they die, and escort the soul to its final destination.
The final destination appears as a bright white light, the shape is customized to the soul, e.g., a child might see a carnival, an adventurer might see a cliff from which to jump off. The series deals with her coming to terms with her new job, the trials and tribulations the job entails, and in general a coming of age story.

The point of interest is the shape the light form takes. It is intimately connected to the desires and feelings and characteristics of the departed soul. What would yours look like?

Did you ask about mine? That's easy, it would be a huge library full of books and dvd's and a computer with high speed-unlimited download broadband internet connection.


Aparna said...

Can't believe that you have really blogged :P Welcome back!

Shankar said...

thought you'd changed your blog address/feeds. good to see you back. does one give a shape/form for complete anarchy?

Puranjoy said...

I can't either! Say, what about that light form of yours?

Nah dude, still here :). Anarchy, huh? How about we getting ready to go to office in that Madivala place, and what's her name complaining about no sabzi in the house to cook our breakfast with?

Aparna said...

Won't that be easy to guess? ;)

Shankar said...

hahaha... or Vik in his elements after your b'day drinks in Enigma.
or the Diwali celebrations in the terrace :0

kriti said...

didn't you forget something... unlimited quantities of food